Let me share a True Story

Watching Ads DOES Pay

I don't spend as much time doing it as I once did, but I have made a few thousand dollars and have a few sites I still visit on a daily basis to earn extra money. Since I am retired, I need something to do anyway.

Free Money at FusionCash!

But currently I prefer passive income that keeps paying me, even while I take a nap.

Enticing Splash Page

When I saw this ad on my Free Advertising, it grabbed me by the eyeballs. Not just from the graphics, but the MESSAGE!

(This is a screenshot, but the real page is even better.)

The Trigger That Got Me

A recent email I got from this free program includes my main motivation for remaining a member and promoting it heavy.

As one of our flagship programs, we will be promoting AIOP heavily and encouraging new Downline Farm members to join. So it should be obvious that You will benefit greatly by joining this awesome company. It took us months of research to find out which was the best Affiliate/MLM program available to set as our Main Flagship program, and AIOP was by far the best all around program when all of the important factors were considered: *Low Cost / Great Value *Must-Have Products *Great, Honest, Caring, Accessible Owners. *Simple, Effective, FAIR, High-Paying, Unlimited Compensation Plan. *Well Established Company. AIOP has been around 5 Years.

The Real Payoff For Me

The bottom line is, it's a free program that appeals to the masses trying to earn online and they will keep my All In One Profits link in front of all my referrals, as well as encourage them join it while I take a nap. You could always switch to another program if you prefer.

This free program is much easier to get referrals for, so it makes sense to let them help me out, doesn't it?

The Actual Mechanics

After I joined the program, I went through the simple instructions in the members area to add any referral links of programs I use to the Downline Builder, ESPECIALLY All In One Profits.

I noticed the original splash page was not Mobile Responsive (which I believe in), so I created this page to achieve that goal.

I have just a few advertising programs I really like, so I added some ads for this page to them. It's that simple!


If you become one of my referrals, I will give you a copy of this page that you can edit by following the video below (or I will even do it for you).