Make Real Contacts Instead Of Just Adding Names To A List

Building a list is fine, but wouldn't it make more sense to fill it with people you have actually communicated with?.

You should notice that I have a Button at the top of this page so visitors can contact me for actual communication, instead of just being squeezed onto a list!

Keeping It Simple

I can include that button on Traffic Exchange Ads, all my other web pages, in forums, online communities and anywhere I want people to contact me. It's just a simple link and will even include a note to tell me where it was clicked.

Try It Out

Click the button and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.


If you become one of my referrals, I will give you a copy of this page that can be converted to any offer. The video below shows how to edit it with your own copy and links (or I'll even do it for you).