Welcome To My AIOP Custom Home Page

After earning online from websites that pay for referrals for over 15 years, I settled on AIOP as my primary opportunity for two main reasons.

  1. It has all the tools I would buy anyway, to promote other pages in a UNIQUE way.

  2. It sells itself, as long as I share my talents and skills to help others, who need the same thing.


A few of my Helpful Videos

My Main YouTube Channel

Get even more Hot Tips for Frugal Marketers on my YouTube Channel. If you like what you see, please Subscribe to it and click the Bell Icon to be notified of updates.

Free Advertising For You Bonus

Shows how to get free traffic to any online link in only six minutes a day and gives you 70,000 Credits to get a good start running your own ads.

Video slideshows for YouTube

This is an older video I though some might still appreciate. It mentions Open Office, but I now use Libre Office (an improved version). The concepts still work the same.

Free Treepad Organizer

I forgot about this program, but reinstalled it when I found this old video. It's going to replace Evernote so I don't use so much memory on my computer.

Make Traffic Exchanges Work

The majority of people online don't think traffic exchanges work, but it all depends on what you know. This video will provide you with not only knowledge, but a nice bonus too.

Traffic Exchange Tip

In order to attract more frugal marketers to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and like my videos, I like to pass on little tips that will help them with their own agenda and they don't cost me anything but the time to make a quick video.